3, 1:1 Personal Training Sessions for the beginner CrossFit athlete.
One of our experienced coaches will guide you through proper movement execution and sample class workouts. Your coach will also spend time explaining our Nutrition protocol and box etiquette. Everything you need to feel ready for our regular group classes.

Your Information

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Diamond State Fitness Liability Waiver (10224)


I  __________________________,  (“User”)  am  of  legal  age  and  enter  into  this  Liability  Waiver,  Release,  and  Hold  Harmless  (the  “Agreement”)  voluntarily  and  knowingly  and  agree  that  I  have  read  and  understood  all  of  the  terms  and  conditions  contained  herein.    If  I  am  under  the  age  of  eighteen,  my  parent  and/or  legal  guardian  is  signing  the  Agreement  on  my  behalf  and  has likewise  read  and  understands  all  of  the  terms  and  conditions  contained  herein.  


In  consideration  of  User's  permission  to  use  the  facilities  owned  and/or  operated  by  CrossFit  Diamond  State  (the  “Gym”),  including  all  common  areas  of  the  building,  including,  but  not  limited  to,  sidewalks,  parking  lots,  stairways,  halls,  and  locker  rooms,  User  agrees  that  User  shall  release,  remise  and  on  behalf  of  User,  User's  heirs,  successors,  and  assigns  and  does  hereby  release,  remise  and  forever  discharge  the  Gym,  its'  officers,  directors,  owners,  operators,  shareholders,  attorneys,  contractors,  consultants,  sponsors,  insurance  carrier,  equipment  suppliers,  assigns,  affiliates,  agencies,  volunteers,  independent  contractors,  workmen  and/or  employees  (collectively,  "Employees")  of  and  from  any  and  all  liability,  cause  of  action,  claim,  demand,  right,  damage,  loss,  expense  and/or  compensation  of  any  nature  whatsoever  including  but  not  limited  to  any  claim  of  negligence  or  gross  negligence,  which  User,  User's  spouse,  parents,  heirs,  successors  and  assigns  may  now  have,  or  in  the  future  shall  have  against  the  Gym  on  account  of  personal  injury,  property  damage,  death  or  accident  of  any  kind,  the  consequences  thereof  and  the  consequential  damages  therefore,  arising  out  of  or  in  any  way  related  to  User's  use  of  the  facilities  owned  and/or  operated  by  Gym,  whether  that  use  is  supervised  or  unsupervised  by  the  Gym  or  its'  employees,  regardless  of  how  the  injury  or  damage  is  caused,  including,  but  not  limited  to,  any  acts  that  are  negligent,  grossly  negligent,  willful  or  wanton  of  the  Gym  and  its  Employees  which  may  occur  in  present  or  future  use  of  Gym’s  facilities  and  services.


The  User  recognizes  that  there  is  risk  involved  in  the  types  of  activities  offered  by  the  Gym  and  therefore  accepts  financial  responsibility  for  any  injury  that  the  User  may  cause  either  to  him/herself  or  to  any  other  participant  due  to  his/her  intentional  acts,  negligent  acts,  and  acts  of  gross  negligence  that  are  willful  or  wanton.    Should  the above-mentioned  parties,  or  anyone acting  on  their  behalf,  be  required  to  incur  attorney’s  fees  and  costs  to  enforce  this  agreement,  I  agree  to  reimburse  them  for  such  fees  and  costs.    I  further  agree  to  indemnify  and  hold  harmless  the  Gym,  their  principals,  agents,  employees,  independent  contractors,  and  volunteers  from  any  and  all  liability  for  the  injury  or  death  of  any  person(s)  and  damage  to  property  that  may  result  from  my  intentional  acts,  negligent  acts,  acts  of  gross  negligence  that  are  willful  or  wanton  while  participating  in  activities  offered  by  the  Gym,  at  the  main  building  or  abroad.    This  includes  but  is  not  limited  to  parks,  recreational  areas,  playgrounds, areas  adjacent  to  main  building,  and/or  any  area  selected  for  training  by  the  Gym.    User  acknowledges  that  he/she  has  consulted  with  a  physician  prior  to  using  the  Gym’s  facilities  and  Gym’s  services.    User  further  acknowledges  and  he/she  has  disclosed  to  the  Gym  all  injuries  and  any  other  physical  conditions  that  may  impair  or  hinder  User’s  use  of  the  Gym’s  facilities  and  services  offered  by  the  Gym.    User  agrees  to  follow  all  safety  rules  and  instructions  of  the  Gym  and  agrees  to  immediately  notify  Gym  of  any  conduct  or  condition  that  may  cause  injury  or  harm  to  User  or  others.  This  release  is  a  Delaware  contract  and  User  consents  to  the  exclusive jurisdiction  and  venue  of  New  Castle  County,  Delaware  for  any  action  relating  to  this  Release,  regardless  of  User's  residence  or  domicile.    If  any  portion  of  the  Agreement  is  held  invalid,  I  agree  that  the  remainder  of  the  agreement  shall  remain  in  full  legal  force  and  effect.    This  Agreement  constitutes  the  entire  understanding  and  agreement,  oral  or  written,  between  the parties  concerning  the  subject  matter  hereof  and  shall  inure  to  the  benefit  of  the  parties  and  their  respective  successors  and  assignees.    This  Agreement  may  not  be  modified  unless  done  so  in  writing  signed  by  the  User  and  the  Gym.  If  I  am  signing  on  behalf  of  a  minor  child,  I  also  give  full  permission  for  any  person  connected  with  the  Gym  to  administer  first  aid  deemed  necessary,  and  in  case  of  serious  illness  or  injury,  I  give  permission  to  call  for  medical  and  or  surgical  care  for  the  child  and  to  transport  the  child  to  a  medical  facility  deemed  necessary  for  the  well  being  of  the  child.  I  have  read  and  understood  the  foregoing  Liability  Waiver,  Release,  and  Hold  Harmless  and  I  understand  that  by  signing  it  obligates  me  to  indemnify  the  parties  named  for  any  liability  for  injury  or  death  of  any  person  and  damage  to  property  caused  by  my  negligent  or  intentional  act  or  omission.    I  further  acknowledge  that  by  signing  this  document,  I  am  giving  up  my  right  to  bring  a  Court  action,  now  or  anytime  in  the  future,  in  order  to  recover  compensation  or  obtain  any  other  remedy  for  any  injury  to  myself  or  my  property,  including  your  death  however  caused,  arising  out  of  my  voluntary  use  of  the  Gym’s  facilities  and  services.    I  understand  that  by  signing  this  Agreement  I  am  waiving  valuable  legal  rights.  

Signature  of  participant:  ___________________________________      

Date:  _________________________    

If  the  participant  is  under  the  age  of  18,  Signature  of  Parent/Guardian:  

Parent/Guardian  Signature:  _________________________________      Date:  __________________________